TEMA Boat Trailer

schon ab 1020 € incl. MwSt
in der kleinsten Ausführung


Standard euipment:
Front winch, support wheel, supports adjustable (4), bow extension, keel;s rollers

Running gear and brake AL-KO ; Tyres 185 R14C, 165 R13C, 155 R13C ; indep.suspension, torsion bar shocks.

Structural steel shapes, welded. Cempletely galvanized.

  • Spyre tyre
  • Spyre tyre holder
  • Rollers instead of supports
  • Double supports, height adjustable
  • 2x Continous beam support 4m,height adjust.
  • 2x Continous beam support 4m,2 height adjust.
  • 2x Continous beam support 1m, height adjust.
  • Shock absorber (set for 1 axle)
  • AKS Stabiliser
  • Support front wheel with scale